The New Standard in EAP

“Bettina and Tim take the meaning and effectiveness of equine assisted therapy to another level. Simpler and deeper.”

Kathy Taylor
President HerdWise, LLC, www.HerdWise.net


“I was attracted to Tim and Bettina Jobe’s Natural Lifemanship approach to equine assisted psychotherapy because it bridges the gap between the methods that rely totally on the use of groundwork and methods that focus primarily on mounted horsemanship. Natural Lifemanship is all about the relationship between the human and the horse, and what that relationship reveals about our relationships with humans. It is not limited to metaphor or the need to achieve anything, it creates real relationships that require us to see ourselves as we really are, and provides the motivation to make needed corrections then and there. As Tim put it, “any trouble that a person has in life is rooted in relationship. “ Participants confront old assumptions, and, remarkably, they can see parallels to their human relationships immediately. And, the Jobes offer more than horse magic as an explanation for why it works. They offer solid, research based explanations for everything that they teach, creating a sound framework for research models that can advance the field. Both Tim and Bettina are wonderful teachers and communicators who care deeply about horses and humans. They inspire me to equip myself better and work more effectively. I began applying the principles from their method to my horsemanship, my counseling, and my life as soon as I began to learn them.”

Michael Dawson, MA, LPC
Executive Director Philippi Center, www.philippicenter.com


“The Natural Lifemanship training was awesome! We all learned SO much and left the training feeling so energized to do this work with traumatized children in our community. Tim and Bettina have taken what we previously knew about the power of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy to the next level! The experiences that they each bring to this work are invaluable. I learned volumes about brain development in traumatized children and how these powerful experiential therapy techniques can actually help these children heal their brains. I also came away from the training with a new appreciation for the power of relationships in our lives and how horses can help at-risk youth (and their parents) develop meaningful and fulfilling relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Bettina and Tim make an incredibly powerful treatment team and development team for further advances in using this model to help traumatized children, and adults, heal.”

Rhonda Smith
Executive Director Spirit Reins, www.SpiritReins.org


“I truly valued the training. I am an “advanced EAGALA” practitioner, and I feel like I learned more from the two days of training I received from Natural Lifemanship than I ever have from any training regarding equine assisted psychotherapy! It generated days of self-reflection, and has completely enhanced the work I do with my clients when conducting equine assisted psychotherapy! Bettina and Tim have a terrific training style, and I really value the way they incorporated basified psychological research and concepts into each of the training methods and interventions for psychotherapy. I am really interested in attending another 3 day training. . !”

Debbie Stjernholm, LPC, CAC II, EAP II


“I learned a lot during the workshop, and everything was explained very well. It was good to see that there is a relationship building program for individual therapy versus just team building. I also liked that through this program not only do you learn to build a relationship, but it positively affects the horse.
Thank you for this great workshop!”

Brigitta Bogan Gielisse
7 Star Therapeutic Riding Center


NL for Mental Health

“I have so enjoyed using and applying the information that I learned at a recent Natural Lifemanship workshop in my work with clients and families . The principles presented in Natural Lifemanship take some very complicated and detailed principles of behavior and psychology and make them digestible for every day understanding and use.”

Dr. Beverly Dolenz Walsh, Ph.D. Psychologist


“I have seventeen years of clinical experience working with adults and children in a clinical setting. Approximately Twelve years ago I met an individual named Tim Jobe. Tim was your stereotypical cowboy with a dirty hat and worn jeans. He knew I was a therapist and began to discuss with me the counseling benefits of Equine Assisted Therapy. I thought to myself,” This man thinks I just fell off the turnip truck. Therapy with horses and children is not prudent, horses don’t talk, or do they?” I was a traditional sit down process therapist at the time. Tim gave me a manual he had written for such programs and asked me to review the material. Reading the manual I was struck by the interventions and therapeutic insights. Still, I was weary of such an approach.

I had to see it to believe it! So I worked with Tim and a group of at risk youth after Tim arranged for me to be trained in EAP. I was sorely stunned how fast these children’s issues manifested in EAP under the close direction and initiative setting provided by Tim because my initial closed-minded beliefs were inaccurate. Therapeutic insights that would take weeks in an office setting would manifest and be dealt with in a most expedient manner, much more efficiently and eloquently than traditional talk therapy. As a skeptic, I quickly succumbed to the anecdotal outcomes that presented and became a strong advocate of Tim and his techniques with horses and clients.

Later, I had Tim work with a group of professionals in team building. In one session I observed most of the disunity within the team manifest during Tim’s initiatives with horses. These were immediately processed by Tim and I in a group setting. Work on issues that could have taken months to resolve were addressed in a much more expedient manner than traditional instruction.

I met Bettina Shultz as young Intern while teaching a college level class. I was excited to see her exuberance for learning and her ability to communicate verbally and in writing. I later was afforded the opportunity to refer clients to Bettina and Tim to work conjointly with my clients in therapy. My clients benefited from her EAP services for a variety of emotional and behavioral problems. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Bettina is a highly competent and well- rounded expert in many areas of therapy and therapeutic activities, specializing in Equine assisted therapy.

I have also had the great opportunity to work with Tim and Bettina as team in a colt training program. I have observed first hand their effectiveness working with troubling and troubled youth. Their experience and knowledge of Equine Assisted therapy, training, parenting, team building, leadership and professional management are cutting edge. These interventions are appropriate for any agency that works with at-risk youth or large corporations in need of support and instruction in leadership and team building. I would unequivocally recommend their services to anyone needing assistance in these areas of expertise.”

Chris Chandler


“It was very interesting to see how horse psychology relates to peoples’ everyday lives. I learned how the horse treats a human exactly how the person treats them. This is helpful in relationship building in your client’s everyday life.”

Faith Elliott
7 Star Therapeutic Riding Center



NL Trainings 
“Tim and Bettina are so knowledgeable and articulate it left me feeling like I had read an amazing text book that I will have to re-read at least a couple more times to be able to fully integrate all the information. It’s such a simple concept and makes so much sense. I definitely want to attend another workshop in the future!”

Kathy Magill, LPC


“The Natural Lifemanship training was more than I possibly could have hoped it would be! Every topic covered was not only interesting and valid but crucial to the big picture that was painted over the three day training. Tim and Bettina were sure to offer a rationale for each concept and to answer any and all questions very thoroughly, ensuring that each area was tied together and making the whole presentation extremely enlightening but also easy to grasp. Their expertise and their passion have enabled me to begin applying the principles of Natural Lifemanship to my life and work. They are creating wonderful ripples wherever they go and the world is becoming a much better place because of it!”

Laura West, MSSW Student


“I recently attended my first Natural Lifemanship training and I have to say that it was one of the best trainings I’ve been to! I learned so much about brain development, the effects trauma has on children and the power of partnering horses with these children. The focus on relationships being the core to everything they do is so critical and applicable to everyone. Tim and Bettina make an incredible team and have invaluable knowledge of horse psychology and mental health. Their techniques and relaxed approach to everything they teach is so effective; I loved it! I learned so much from Tim and Bettina, on both a professional and personal level. Thank you!”

Kris Weixel
Director of Operations
Spirit Reins, Inc


“What a great clinic. The mix of equine psychology and equine assisted psychotherapy is a beneficial blend of life! Loved the one on one, small group atmosphere. The healing process begins within just as a wound from the flesh heals better from the inside out…the scar becomes minimal and allows us to move on with our future!”

Colleen Randall
GaitQuest, Executive Director, www.GaitQuest.com


NL for All of Life’s Relationships

“I was amazed at what I learned in the 3-day Natural Lifemanship workshop with Tim and Bettina. Their combined knowledge of horses and mental health issues was impressive! Each demonstrated extensive knowledge of his own specialty – Tim with horses, Bettina in Mental Health. But, that knowledge cleanly overlapped the other specialty in ways that greatly enhanced the learning experience. Their techniques and general “laid-back” demeanor present a relaxed, but focused attention to what they are teaching without creating undue anxiety or stress as the participants practice with the horses what they have been taught.

Although I’ve taught various published parenting programs over the years, including my own curriculum (and thought I knew what I was doing), I found that what Tim and Bettina taught about relationship building and the need to learn the concept of “pressure” and “release” with children, as well as horses, is a concept that is missed in the literature. When these concepts are brought into awareness, and people integrate them into their behaviors, the need for power and control over others is totally withdrawn.

A wonderful concept, wonderful program and wonderful presenters!”

Gwen Murphy


NL for organizations and agencies

“Tim and Bettina trained our Juvenile Probation Officers and our Juvenile Supervision Officers and we have seen a drastic positive change in how our staff perceive and interact with youth. Tim and Bettina also presented at our 2013 and our 2014 Wilco Mental Health in Schools Conferences to more than 150 school district and community agency participants and both years were the highest rated of the presenters. I have pasted below some of the comments from our participant evaluations that I believe will highlight how impactful the experience was for our staff and community members. We have been fortunate to bring in some high quality training for our staff over the past several years and this presentation stood out as the most impactful. We will certainly be bringing them back again soon.”

Matt Smith, LPC-S
Assistant Executive Director, Director of Mental Health Services
Williamson County Juvenile Services

From attendees of the 2013 and 2014 WILCO Mental Health in Schools Conferences

“This is the best training that I have attended in my almost 8 years at WCJS.”

“This class was excellent.  It helped me have a better understanding of dealing with trauma kids.  The horse training was very exciting and a great hands-on tool – the class was very informative, I learned how the pressure technique can be effective.”

“I’m not sure it is possible to improve on this course – think this is the best training I have had in 8 years.  I now have a lot of new tools … made me look at relationships in a different way, probably with use this as much as possible.”

“Southern Christian Home hosted Tim and Bettina Jobe at our Ranch in Morrilton, AR a few years ago. It was our hope that this training would provide clarity to what is happening in the minds of the youth we work with. We also hoped it would provide a practical and educational experience. We hoped using the horses to teach our staff how to approach youth from the moment we encounter them to the time they leave our care would be beneficial. We have had our share of training and I can honestly say we learned more from this experience than any other. We use it every day. Not only do we use Natural Lifemanship principles with our youth, we use it with each other in the organization. Every new staff member attends training and is asked to apply Natural Lifemanship principles.

Working with the horses made the principles soak in. Previous training just didn’t seem to soak in and staff resumed back to their way of doing things. I can tell people all day long that if you apply to much or too little pressure, the results won’t be good. When we can show our staff how to apply just the right amount of pressure using a 1200 lb horse, that’s a memorable experience.

After applying these principles we have seen significant improvement. As time goes on and the brain has a chance to relax and heal, we have seen great success in many of our youth. I won’t tell you that we use these principles perfectly. We continue seeking instruction and have sent staff for the Advanced Natural Lifemanship training. We also use this approach in conjunction with others to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Tim and Bettina are down to earth people. They have extensive knowledge and you will not be disappointed should you choose them to improve your program. They are very personable and took the time to explain areas they could have just as easily sailed right over. They believe in this approach and have the evidence to back it up. As I sit here typing this I think about all of the examples I could give you about how Natural Lifemanship changed parenting in my own home and work relationships. Why is everyone not using this?”

Michael (Brady) Bunch
Southern Christian Home
Case Manager