2,000 Reasons to Become a Member of Natural Lifemanship

January 10, 2018

Become a member and enjoy the incredible value Natural Lifemanship has to offer!

  • Videos of Tim & Frieda building a relationship from the ground up- $150
  • Video of 5 Days of REAL Intensive TF-EAP sessions conducted by the founders to show you exactly how to practice NL (membership more than pays for itself in this benefit alone!)- $500
  • The ENTIRE online Fundamentals Course with 15.75 CEU credits- $250
  • The NL for Parents/Caregivers Seminar video to share with your clients- $30
  • The video explaining Bottom-up Regulation to add to your resources for yourself and clients- $30
  • The FULL Rhythmic Riding Demonstration video- $50
  • Reduced fee for attending the training a second time to strengthen and refresh your learning- up to $1,125
  • Practitioner listing, continued learning and discussion with other members, early notice on special events, trainings, and merchandise discounts- PRICELESS

That is over $2,000 worth of benefits all for less than the price of a tank of gasoline each month. This value is unmatched anywhere else in the EAP field!

All of this is yours to watch, review, learn from and experience as much as you want, whenever you want!

  1. If you know anything about Natural Lifemanship, you probably know that Tim Jobe, one of the founders, has a real gift with horses.  He has been training horses and doing equine assisted psychotherapy for decades with incredible partnerships as the result.  Want to see Tim in action? Enjoy over FIVE HOURS worth of videos of Tim moving through the relationship building process with a new horse, Frieda.  (Psst! This is also a GREAT way to see attachment and detachment in the organic process of working with a horse on everyday issues.)
  2. See video footage of ACTUAL sessions with a REAL client.  You CANNOT find this anywhere else!  If you have ever wondered how NL looks in a real therapy session, wonder no more.   See how Tim and Bettina work with a new client based on NL principles – 5 days worth of intensive sessions will be rolled out for you to watch, when and where you need it!
  3. Can’t travel?  You can still get started on your NL journey with our online Fundamentals course.  The ENTIRE course is available to members, along with 15.75 CEU credits!  Learn the Fundamentals of Natural Lifemanship from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.
  4. Are you a parent, know a parent, or work with parents?  What about caregivers?  Our NL for Parents/Caregivers Seminar video is available to members; it is a valuable resource for helping understand and teach Natural Lifemanship principles to those who care for others (i.e. pretty much everyone).
  5. Wondering if bottom-up regulation is something that would help you in your life or work?  Did you learn about bottom-up regulation with us or somewhere else, but need a refresher? Never heard of bottom-up regulation and want to know what the hubbub is all about??  Check out our video explaining the neurobiology and process of Bottom Up Regulation!  Learn the powerful, brain and trauma informed way of helping someone Regulate Relate Reason Repair.
  6. Love Rhythmic Riding as much as we do?  Catch a full Rhythmic Riding Demo video intended to help you deepen your understanding of this incredibly powerful therapy intervention for the better of all your mounted clients!
  7. Get noticed!  Every member is encouraged to create a profile on our practitioner’s page so you can connect, network, and grow your business!  Check it out here: https://naturallifemanship.com/practitioner-listings/
  8. Need a refresher? Members pay a reduced fee and can audit or attend a training for the second time – a fantastic opportunity to grow and strengthen your skills and knowledge after you’ve had some time off, or some time to practice.  (attend a Fundamentals, audit an Intensive).
  9. Community!  Access an exclusive members only forum where you can ask questions, get answers, and interact with other members, including our talented and knowledgeable NL trainers.
  10. Member perks! Receive discounts on NL merchandise and early notice of special events and trainings – NL members are in the know!

So there you have it, TEN (or 2,000) great reasons to become a member of Natural Lifemanship!  What are you waiting for???